Bots Outnumber Humans for Web Traffic

bot at keyboard

It has finally happened, the bots have taken over. While robots have yet to enslave humanity, bots have taken over the Internet, accounting for 62% of all web traffic. Is the bot takeover something you should be concerned about? To clear things up, Internet bots are much different than the cold-hearted steel-exoskeleton robots armed with … Read more

Cloud Hosting is More than a Quick-Fix

cloud and servers

The cloud almost makes IT too easy. Whereas in the past, all applications would be hosted on your own IT infrastructure, and require a team of knowledgeable IT experts to set up everything and maintain it. These days, these same applications can be accessed on Web browsers from any computer or mobile device, and the cloud doesn’t … Read more

Take Advantage of the Cloud to Improve Team Collaboration

cloud network

The cloud dramatically improves document sharing as seen with virtually every office productivity application that is cloud-enabled. Thanks to the cloud, different team members can simultaneously view a document within their web browser on any device from anywhere, and collaborate on a project like never before. Here are a few ways the cloud can bring … Read more

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