Search Anonymously with Duck Duck Go!

duck duck go mascot

With the NSA and Edward Snowden making headlines around the world, it’s enough to make any user of the Internet think twice about online security and wonder if they are being monitored or not. Google Search has been a popular hub for third party monitoring, which makes Internet users ask, “Is there a more secure search engine available?” There … Read more

3 Small Cities that Utilize Cloud Computing in a Big Way

outline of cloud against sky

“The Cloud” may mean very different things to different people, and has certainly been used in a number of ways that obscure its actual definition. The cloud a place to store and access files, run software, automatically back up files, virtualize data, and much more. Globally, smaller cities are becoming cloud cities using all of these capabilities to … Read more

The Size of the Cloud Matters

man grabbing cloud from sky

By now, the advantages of using a cloud-based solution to backup your company’s data are well known. It’s easy to use, scalable, and cost-effective. However, not all cloud-based backup solutions are created equal. There’s still a level of risk, albeit a small one, that comes with cloud computing. It’s important that your cloud service is … Read more

Be Wary of Hackers’ Psychological Attacks!

There’s a computer security threat so menacing that not even the best security technology can stop it. It’s called psychology, and it’s used with email phishing scams to trick users into overriding their security solution. The only way to stop this threat is with common sense, and unfortunately, there’s no app for that. It seems … Read more

Warning: CryptoLocker Virus will Delete Your Data!


The CryptoLocker virus is a new ransomware that began attacking computers via the Internet last September and has now grown to become one of the world’s fastest spreading and most dangerous malwares. If your business isn’t prepared for CryptoLocker, then your company’s data is at serious risk. CryptoLocker is One Bad Virus CryptoLocker is an … Read more

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