3 Cloud Computing Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

businessman with umbrella in storm

Small business owners accept that they need to find alternative solutions to issues that larger organizations can just throw money at. Money is often tight for a small business and no where is this more evident than when dealing in technology. Larger organizations can afford state-of-the art IT, but thanks to the cloud, your business … Read more

Strike Against Child Abuse Bowling Tournament

Futuristic office

4IT will sponsor the 20th Anniversary Strike Against Child Abuse Bowling Tournament benefiting the Family Resource Center. The leading South Florida information technology company will sponsor a team to create a safer environment for abused children in the community by participating in a friendly competition on the lanes. The Strike Against Child Abuse Bowling Tournament will … Read more

The Modern Office has Come a Long Way in 150 Years!

modern office

The modern office has been heavily influenced by technology. Today, offices revolve around computers, but even before computers became commonplace, offices were still designed around the technology of their time. As we’re witnessing technology change the world, the modern office is sure to follow suit. We want to share with you some interesting facts about … Read more

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