4 Personal Benefits of Cloud Computing

One of the most attractive features of cloud computing is the ability to free you from your desk and go mobile. While there are many ways that going mobile can benefit your business, like making your staff more productive, there are also several personal benefits worth considering by doing your work on the go.

More Family Time

More time spent at home means more time spent with your family. With your data hosted to the cloud, you will be able to access the same files and applications from your home PC that you access every day at work. Working from home means that you can watch the baby while your spouse is earning a second income for the household. Working from home means you won’t miss monumental family moments like your toddler’s first steps or first words; and working from home will allow you to care for a sick family member, like a child with a fever that needs to stay home from school, or an elderly family member that requires full time medical attention.

More You Time

Working from home doesn’t have to be all about family time and precious moments. You can also make the working from home experience all about you! You want to do work in your pajamas on your laptop while staying in bed when the weather’s bad? You can do this with cloud computing. Do you have an amazing hot tub that you never want to leave? With cloud computing you can work from your Jacuzzi and become a raisin. Can’t watch the game at the office? If you work from home you can have the game on in the background while getting work done on your PC.

More Hobby Time

If you’re heavily invested in your hobby, then you will appreciate a technology like cloud computing that gives you more time to dedicate to your passion. Take golf for example, cloud computing from 4it will allow you to access and work on your important projects from your mobile device between shots. Other hobbies that you can mix with cloud computing include, bird watching, feeding the ducks, shooting the ducks, raising pigeons (really any hobby that involves feathers), bowling, baking, antiquing, or any other passion of yours that doesn’t require 100% of your attention to pursue.

More Vacation Time

With cloud computing from 4it, your work is no longer limited to your Miami office, giving you the freedom to take an extended vacation and do work on the road from your mobile device! As long as you can find an Internet connection, you can access your company’s files and do work from a recreational vehicle, a tent, a cabin, a hotel room, or even a beach! Thanks to cloud computing, the world is your office!

Cloud computing from 4it gives you the freedom to mix work and pleasure, and it’s a secure solution that’s easy-to-use and can make you more productive. As a business owner, you can implement cloud computing for everybody in your company, giving all your workers the freedom to work on the go! To take advantage of cloud computing for your business and free up time for you and your company, call 4it at (305) 278-7100.

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