Sexy New Windows 9 Photos Leaked All Over the Web [VIDEO]

windows 9

Well, now that we’ve got your attention, it’s a good time to mention that leaked photos and a video of what may be Windows 9, currently called Threshold, have been leaked to the web. As the next entry in the Windows family of operating systems, it has been highly anticipated since the return of a … Read moreSexy New Windows 9 Photos Leaked All Over the Web [VIDEO]

Growing Pains

money growing pains

Business owners (me included) tend to expect that the capital investments we make in our businesses will last 10, 15, or even 20 years (think office furniture).  Whenever we decide that it’s time to make a significant cap-ex purchase, we spend lots of time evaluating options, considering financing, and planning for the new infrastructure so … Read moreGrowing Pains

Windows 7 End of Mainstream Support Looms on the Horizon

windows 7

If you have yet to upgrade away from Windows XP for some reason, you might want to think twice about upgrading to Windows 7. Microsoft has cautioned users about the end of mainstream support for several of its products within the next six months, and the popular operating system is one of them. Why should … Read moreWindows 7 End of Mainstream Support Looms on the Horizon

Do you feel lucky?

red dice

Now that the dust is settling over the latest internet security scare, namely Heartbleed, many if not most business owners feel lucky to have been unaffected and probably aren’t spending a whole lot of time worrying about it. Most of us are vaguely aware of the parade of security patches released by Microsoft and other … Read moreDo you feel lucky?

It’s Time to Retire Windows XP

windows xp start up

If you haven’t yet upgraded from Windows XP, then you (and 500 million users) must have strong reasons for hanging on to a twelve-year-old product. Unfortunately, everybody’s strong reasons won’t hold water come April 8th, 2014 when Microsoft stops supporting XP with new security patches. Essentially, April 8th is equivalent to an expiration date as far as … Read moreIt’s Time to Retire Windows XP

What to do about Windows XP

bill gates windows xp

There are three good mature IT solutions for the replacement of Windows XP workstations. The first, and probably the most obvious, is the wholesale replacement of all workstations running Windows XP with newer workstations running Windows 7 or 8. Although some existing Windows XP workstations might have processor speed and RAM memory above the minimums … Read moreWhat to do about Windows XP

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