Ransomware Protection In South Florida

7 Reasons South Florida Companies Can’t Afford to Ignore Ransomware Protection

Does your South Florida company use the Internet in any way to conduct its business? Of course, that is a foolish question today. “Am I fully protected from ransomware attacks?” is a second question that is far from foolish.

4IT Partners with AlertLogic to offer 24×7 SOC and MDR cybersecurity services

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4IT has completed its partnership with Alert Logic, a nationally recognized cybersecurity firm specializing in providing 24×7 SOC and managed detection and response (MDR) cybersecurity services to the managed service provider (MSP) marketplace.  The MDR service includes a fully US staffed redundant 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC), SIEM log collection including automated and human analysis, … Read more

The Perilous State of the IT Managed Service Provider (MSP)

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The Perilous State of the MSP 2020 will likely be a very perilous year for most managed service providers.  MSPs will be under the most intense economic and operational pressure ever.  The industry has been through a long period of consolidation, and many MSPs have completely outsourced their help desks and project engineering teams to … Read more

How to Delete Online Accounts to Protect Your Identity

Having too many digital accounts raises your risk of data being misused or stolen. Here’s how to clean house. Deleting online accounts is one of the best ways to protect data security and privacy. The less data you have stored on websites across the internet, the safer you are from being hacked or personal info … Read more

Are iPhones Truly As Private As Apple Says?

It is no secret that cyber criminals are becoming a more prominent threat to businesses.  However, what many business owners fail to understand is that cybercriminals are looking to find weak links within the target’s employees, rather than their firewalls.  Human error accounts for the majority of the breaches that occur so it would be … Read more

Top 10 techniques to guarantee an unpleasant visit from the IT guy

#10:  Tweet some vicious insults about Kim Jong Un. North Korea’s hack of Sony, which destroyed about 70% of Sony’s IT infrastructure, was motivated by the publishing of a movie that was critical of North Korean leader. Recommendation:  Be very careful what you publish online, and start taking your privacy seriously. #9:  Go ahead and … Read more


A few weeks ago, as part of a GAP analysis for an upcoming PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance audit, I was examining all of the network traffic passing between the client’s PCI network (in scope), and the regular corporate network (not in scope).  This gets a little wonky, but let me take a moment to … Read more

Spread the Microsoft Word

You have probably never heard of the organization called FIN7.  Although estimates vary, FIN7, a very organized and successful Ukrainian based hacking group, has probably earned well over a billion dollars (with a B) from businesses all over the world.  It appears that stolen credit cards were their primary revenue generator, but the full scope … Read more

OneDrive Off A Cliff

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In my last blog, I posted about the value of implementing two-factor authentication (2FA) as a significant enhancement to the security of the traditional username/password authentication method.  The availability of free authentication applications like Google Authenticator, Authy, and FreeOTP (there are many more), and the ever growing list of public websites that now support these … Read more

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