The Perilous State of the IT Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Futuristic office

The Perilous State of the MSP 2020 will likely be a very perilous year for most managed service providers.  MSPs will be under the most intense economic and operational pressure ever.  The industry has been through a long period of consolidation, and many MSPs have completely outsourced their help desks and project engineering teams to … Read more

How to Delete Online Accounts to Protect Your Identity

Having too many digital accounts raises your risk of data being misused or stolen. Here’s how to clean house. Deleting online accounts is one of the best ways to protect data security and privacy. The less data you have stored on websites across the internet, the safer you are from being hacked or personal info … Read more

Growing Pains

money growing pains

Business owners (me included) tend to expect that the capital investments we make in our businesses will last 10, 15, or even 20 years (think office furniture).  Whenever we decide that it’s time to make a significant cap-ex purchase, we spend lots of time evaluating options, considering financing, and planning for the new infrastructure so … Read more

You Gotta Fight. For Your Right. To Net Neutrality!

net neutrality scales

We’re seeing a lot of buzz about a controversial issue known as “net neutrality.” It’s primarily being discussed in the realms of American politics, but its ramifications affect every user of the Internet from around the world! We believe that what’s happening to net neutrality is important, and that everyone should be informed about it. … Read more

The Modern Office has Come a Long Way in 150 Years!

modern office

The modern office has been heavily influenced by technology. Today, offices revolve around computers, but even before computers became commonplace, offices were still designed around the technology of their time. As we’re witnessing technology change the world, the modern office is sure to follow suit. We want to share with you some interesting facts about … Read more

The Internet as Conceived in 1969

old computer

The Internet certainly has changed the way we live, work, shop, and communicate. We may think we’re superior to previous generations because of all our Internet-based technology, but we have video proof that the Internet was actually conceptualized in 1969. In many ways, our parents and grandparents were spot on with their predictions. In other ways, not … Read more

Amazon Suggests Drone Deliveries Not Far Off

drone in sky

  Do you ever feel like you’re living in the future? With all the technological advancements designed and manufactured to entertain us or make our lives easier, we don’t often take a minute to realize how much the world has changed in a very short period of time. Even something as trivial as grocery shopping … Read more

4IT Ranked in the Top 25 IT Firms

Futuristic office

Miami, Florida (May 3rd, 2013) – 4IT, INC. has been ranked #15 in the 2013 South Florida Business Journal top 25 IT consulting firms in South Florida.  The firm earned the #15 ranking among 315 information technology consulting firms serving the South Florida marketplace.  With offices in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, and an enterprise datacenter in Palmetto … Read more

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