Maximize the productivity of your companies both in and out of the office. 4it provides effective collaboration tools and proactive IT support in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Whether it’s video conferencing, file-sharing, or email, we got you covered.

The way we work and communicate has drastically changed in the past decade.  With the increase in mobility and the team based approach adopted by most organizations, the need for technology solutions that enable productive collaboration has exploded.

Email and voice, the stalwart tools of the internet age continue to provide value, but a number of newer platforms specifically designed for secure ongoing collaboration have been introduced into the marketplace, and offer an array of features to assist teams in collaborating more easily than ever.

Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark is a simple secure cloud-based space where you can get things done from anywhere in the world. Spark provides voice and video calls, calendars, interactive white boarding for drawing, instant video calling with screen sharing, scheduled meetings via WebEx, shared searchable files and drawings in the space where you meet, and team based messaging. Spark also supports integrations from lots of other applications, including automation (bots) to get the work done faster.

Cisco WebEx Enterprise

WebEx Enterprise is the easy way for everyone in your enterprise to meet, share ideas and information, and stay connected.  WebEx supports industry leading web conferencing with video, voice, and data sharing, top-rated Mobile apps for apple and android devices, and integrations with Cisco Jabber and Telepresence.  WebEx can be delivered on the Cisco WebEx Cloud with enterprise grade performance, reliability and security, or as a premise deployment on your private cloud.

Office 365 (including Skype & Teams)

Microsoft Office 365 has become the corporate standard for hosted Microsoft Exchange Email and shared documents.  Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based chat application that combines the functionality of Slack and Office 365 into a single platform that can even integrate more than 150 third-party applications for increased productivity.  Major features include availability in 18 languages, Microsoft Office integrated, and support for chat, calls, and video conferencing.

Cisco Spark
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