4it Helped This Manufacturer Recover From Two Devastating Cybersecurity Incidents

What would you do if you suffered a major cybersecurity breach right now? Maybe it’s a ransomware infection, maybe it’s a breach that compromises your data.

4it Helped This Manufacturer Recover From Two Devastating Cybersecurity Incidents

What would you do if you suffered a major cybersecurity breach right now? Maybe it’s a ransomware infection, maybe it’s a breach that compromises your data.

In any case, the question is: do you have a plan? Do you have someone you can call?

You’ve probably heard a lot about ransomware and other cybercrime threats. It’s easy to hype up the doom and gloom about cybercrime – fear is often a great motivator. At a certain point, it’s probably turned into background noise, right? You hear so much about these types of threats that you may begin to become numb to it.

Here’s a reminder of just how real cybercrime is: twice in the past five years, this manufacturer was hit with a major cybercrime attack, leading to extensive data loss.

How did they respond to these attacks?

They called 4it.  Read the complete story here.

A Ransomware Attack Led This Manufacturer To Partner With 4it

The first incident occurred about six years ago when the organization was hit with ransomware. They suffered extensive data loss and concluded that they had to replace the IT company that had allowed it to happen.

Fortunately, the Director of IT Operations knew 4it from a previous professional relationship. They called the 4it team for assistance both in recovering their data, and shoring up their IT security to help prevent another attack.

“We didn’t have the right tools in order to create the right quality of support in terms of security for the infrastructure,” says the Director of IT Operations. “I contacted 4it, in order to understand what happened.”

4it performed a detailed cybersecurity audit to fully assess the state of their existing cybersecurity, and determine how it needed to be improved. The 4it team took over core infrastructure management which resolved the skills gap in the manufacturer’s IT team and replaced and successfully tested a disaster recovery solution.

In the process of recovering data and improving security for this manufacturer, 4it also set them up with critical tools for oversight and management. All of these changes helped to enhance their data continuity and protection capabilities which, up to that point, hadn’t been strong enough to keep them operating in the aftermath of a cybersecurity incident.

After Parting Ways With 4it, This Manufacturer Was Hit Again

As is often the case, after almost four years, the original Director of IT operations left the company and a new CIO was hired. In an effort to save money, the new CIO opted to hire more internal IT staff and switch from 4it to another MSP.

Unfortunately for this manufacturer, 14 months after changing IT companies, they suffered a devastating cybersecurity incident. This event completely disabled their IT infrastructure and all of their complex operational workflows with it.

Once again, in the wake of the attack, the COO recommended hiring 4it back to assist with damage control and the extensive remediation required to bring the infrastructure back online. The 4it team came in and recovered their environment and were re-hired to fully manage all IT related infrastructure and functions going forward.

“I hired them in order to do the assessments and the research, as well as to support me to move into the new normal because at the same time the pandemic came,” says the COO.

After completing the process of recovering data and enhancing cybersecurity measures, 4it also assisted the manufacturer with pivoting to a remote work model. Due to how quickly the pandemic developed, many businesses were unable to prepare for the shift to a remote work setting.

Doing so would have required careful planning, methodical execution of new processes, and expert implementation of new technologies — fortunately for this manufacturer, they had 4it to help.

“We had to get our whole team remote, and we didn’t have the infrastructure to do it,” says the Director of IT Operations.

Are You Prepared For A Cybersecurity Incident?

Don’t think that just because you haven’t had to deal with ransomware yet, you never will. It’s a major threat to businesses and will strike without notice, just as it did with this manufacturer.

4it can help you avoid that kind of damage to your organization. All you have to do is get in touch to get started proactively protecting your business.

“4it are very professional, they bring a lot of talent to the table,” says the Director of IT Operations. “You can always get them when you need them.”

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