Conquer Cybersecurity. Know your risk.

43% of cyber attacks target small businesses with the average cost of a data breach exceeding $3.86 million in 2020. Is your company at risk of becoming victim to an attack? Take our free Cyber Security Risk Assessment Quiz today to find out.

Why should you get a cybersecurity assessment done?

Hackers are now using artificial intelligence for widespread cyber attacks, looking for the weakest link to focus their efforts on. They are targeting your employee, customer, and business data. As attacks start to become more focused and regulations get stricter, the pressure to protect corporate assets is rising.

Most companies should be proactively assessing their cybersecurity at least once a year and even more frequently if the company handles more sensitive information online. 


About 4it

4it is an award-winning IT firm with locations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. We help to reduce risk and deliver IT solutions by creating an exchange between out clients, employees, and partners.  Through our offerings, we help company stakeholders realize their potential through the secure and strategic use of IT.

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