3 Ways Your Employees Pose the Most Common Unaddressed Cybersecurity Risk

The biggest cybersecurity risk to businesses in the US is employee negligence. Here are 3 ways your employees pose a risk to businesses.

3 Ways Your Employees Pose the Most Common Unaddressed Cybersecurity Risk

According to Heritage, no threat facing America is as difficult to understand as the danger from cyber-attacks. The attacks seem imminent, and they are constantly changing, resulting in unpreparedness. Consequently, most companies have reactive approaches instead of proactive ones that could save company resources. While there are cybersecurity risks, someone suggested that the most common unaddressed cybersecurity risk in companies is people. How exactly people threaten the cybersecurity of companies can take a few ways, as discussed below.

An employee posing as an unaddressed cybersecurity risk.

Negligent Employees Pose a Cybersecurity Risk

The biggest cybersecurity risk to businesses in the US is employee negligence. The negligence ranges from leaving computers unlocked and unattended to using insecure networks to work remotely.

In 2019, a Microsoft employee left data accumulated over 14 years publicly accessible for a month. It contained over 250 million entries, but Microsoft secured the breach immediately after reports. Indeed, it was a narrow escape for the company because a few days later, the California Consumer Privacy Act law came into effect. It fines $750 for each individual harmed by a breach, meaning Microsoft would have been fined hundreds of millions of dollars.

The worst thing about negligent employees is that even when they notice their mistake, some hide it instead of reporting, which results in more grave consequences for the company. Training employees on cybersecurity awareness is essential in preventing such scenarios. Also, it is instrumental to enforce best practices when securing your business. For example, allow employees to report suspicious activity without fear of being reprimanded while also monitoring unauthorized access.

Data Theft By Departing Employees

Rarely will you see the case of an employee who stole data, but the threat has been termed as being bigger than hackers which should put any company on alert mode. Disgruntled employees may smile in your face but are scheming behind your back as they plan to leave. An ideal example is Anthony Levandowski, an ex-Google engineer who planned on starting his own self-driving startup using Google’s information. Despite knowing the data was subject to confidentiality, Levandowski downloaded it before resigning.

In 2020, the average cost of an insider threat was estimated to be $11.45 million, and the longer it takes to be contained, the higher the financial impact. An incident that takes more than 90 days will cost you about $13.71 million which can bring a struggling business to its knees. Mitigate these risks by installing employee monitoring software to alert you of any malicious insiders. Also, remediation protocols for such scenarios minimize the time taken to respond.

Lack of Skills in the IT Department

As technology continues to advance, staying updated remains a challenge since most small companies’ lean budgets cannot accommodate regular workshops for the IT team. Still, they maintain the IT department, whose redundant skills are useless when some cybersecurity threats attack your systems. As Infosecurity Magazine explains, there are few IT professionals, and they lack the necessary skills.

Learn More About the Unaddressed Cybersecurity Risk

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