Everything You Ought to Know About Microsoft 365 Business Voice

It was essential to include better business communication systems, and Microsoft made it easier and more economical with its 365 Business Voice.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Businesses are going through a transition period, changing most operations to leverage the current technology and way of life. Most companies now operate from the cloud, allowing most of their employees to work remotely and have a few physical processes in-house.

It was essential to include better business communication systems, and Microsoft made it easier and more economical with its 365 Business Voice. It allows small and midsize businesses to keep up with the rapid shifts using a quality and secure communication platform.

Here are some of the features included in the new solution and its benefits for your business.

What is Microsoft Business Voice?

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a new cloud-based phone system for businesses. It enables its users to make, receive, and forward calls to their mobile devices or landlines using Microsoft Teams’ public switched telephone network. Therefore, employees can meet through chat and meetings using a single app.

Microsoft launched the business voice in 2019, and its continued use increased exponentially over the subsequent two years.   The solution is 100% cloud-based but uses the exact infrastructure and services the businesses’ users had before the launch. There is no compromise on the quality or features, with additional advantages enabling users to leverage the rapid spread of data transfers.

The business voice is a simple solution that users can deploy at swift paces. It is effortless to maintain and offers a seamless platform to use on the cloud with its constant enhancements from Microsoft.

Business doesn’t require servers, switches, getaways, or any cumbersome hardware equipment that increases acquisition costs. The cloud nature of the business voice also allows call transfer and reception from anywhere, even tethering the devices to the company office.

It operates as the Microsoft Office 365 online service that runs entirely within the Microsoft cloud. Therefore, it gets the vast and redundant network pipes needed to ensure better deliveries and perfect reliability to meet the current protocols or business standards.

Businesses use Microsoft Teams to deliver a consistent experience regardless of the devices used, whether PC or Mac, desktop, console, laptop, mobile device, or a conference room. Teams are everywhere and anywhere you are, eliminating any downtime so that your teams can start enjoying the features right away.

What’s Included with Microsoft Business Voice?

The Microsoft 365 Business Voice has the following new features:

  • Enterprise-grade phone system: A reliable calling delivered from a trusted Microsoft cloud ensuring perfect security to business calls.
  • Built-in audio conferencing helps increase flexibility in carrying out business meetings using a dial-in number that can integrate with all online meetings.
  • Calling plan: An economical solution that offers businesses new phone numbers or transfers the existing ones to allow making and receiving PSTN calls to any number within the system.

It also bundles three licenses that businesses require for Voice and their conferencing services. Anyone who has worked with the telephone system by Office 365 Enterprise understands the three licenses used:

  • Phone system license: also referred to as cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange). It handles various call routing and processing voicemails, call queues, and auto attendants.
  • Domestic plan: Businesses can receive and make PSTN calls to any number. It is the most popular, including 3000 minutes per user each month in the US and Canada.
  • Dial-in Audio Conferencing Plan: Businesses can allow external callers to join their conference call by dialing in by a phone number with an access code.

Microsoft Business Voice Features

The features of Microsoft Voice are pretty extensive. Get information complete list here from Microsoft websites. Here are the core features that you should expect:

Audio Conferencing

The Microsoft 365 Business Voice audio conferencing feature allows users to host conference calls even when offline or Microsoft Teams is not in service. The company has more flexibility to reach out and hold online meetings with participants using a specific dial-in number. The call can hold up to 250 people.

Business Level Phone System

Every business call, like voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding and shared phone lines get constant security with the business Voice packages. Also, the solution operates within the Microsoft cloud so that users can trust its security capabilities.

Competitive Calling Plans

The new Microsoft Business Voice plans are effective for most businesses operating within their local regions. The company can also add new and existing phone numbers without charges. Operating overseas is possible when you take the international calling plans.

Straightforward Billing & Easy Management Setup

This feature allows your business to save money and time by using one single provider for all the communications processes you need. You have complete control of the phone systems using the admin console in Office 365 to make any required changes.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Business Voice

Most small and midsize businesses have to form a hybrid workplace. They can relish the following benefits by using Microsoft 365 Business voice.

  • Team Improves consistency, allowing users to work with a desktop PC or Mac with mobile applications, speakerphones, phones, headsets, Team Rooms, and cameras.
  • Work from anywhere while reaching out for further clarifications and allowing external users to reach your meetings without hassle.
  • Enjoy top security and privacy like any other Microsoft service.
  • The solutions are extensible to connect the business’s favorite contact center software or a partner with recording solutions.
  • Users roll out everything in a single leave using the Team Admin Centre to avoid time wastage.

Wrapping Up

These are the top features and benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Voice. If you think it is right for you, then look no further than us. 4it Inc. is ready to help you achieve your business goals through a better communications platform.

You can get in touch with our team, who are waiting to discuss your specific requirements and offer additional IT consultancy to get your business up and running smoothly. Contact our Customer care desk today for your risk-free consultations.

Also, you can check out our website for business IT articles, news, and tips to keep you updated with the latest tech trends in the industry.

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