How to Hire a Chief Information Security Officer

A Chief Information Security Officer not only has strong technical skills but strong leadership skills as well.

Hire a Chief Information Security Officer

IT professionals who want to become a Chief Information Security Officer typically need adequate cybersecurity experience and they need to know how to manage a full security team and a variety of security incidents on a day-to-day basis. The position of Chief Information Security Officer has been established for experienced cybersecurity professionals who have spent years making the transition from an entry-level security professional to the head of the cybersecurity team.

How Does One Become a Chief Information Security Officer?

Preferably, a Chief Information Security Officer not only has strong technical skills but strong leadership skills as well. Chief Information Security Officers’ education requirements usually include earning a bachelor’s degree in an IT-related business field. In many cases, Chief Information Security Officers are required to hold a Master’s degree in cybersecurity or a related area. There are various types of certifications that can help one attain the level of Chief Information Security Officer. Many CISOs hold certifications in multiple disciplines and supporting specialities that may apply to the position.

The addition of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) in organizations has become commonplace. With the increase in daily workloads, the rising cybersecurity threats, migration to the cloud, data center virtualization, and the addition of mobility into organizations—there has been a greater need to address complex cybersecurity issues and threats.

Chief Information Security Officers provide guidance on complex information security issues and guidance on the adherence to compliance and regulatory requirements – regardless of the organization’s size. In recent years, Chief Information Security Officers have proven to be a necessary asset,  but they have also proven to be a ‘costly overhead’ position for an organization.

When you consider the high salary and the variety of benefits that seasoned Chief Information Security Officers will command, the yearly compensation for a full-time CISO will be in the six figures. The salary can significantly increase when you need to find the right candidate who has the right skill set and is available to work immediately. Not every organization can afford to spend that kind of money and not every organization needs a full-time CISO.

Finding a CISO in this climate has proven to be quite a challenge for many organizations. They are not always easy to find, and for the organizations that can find one, the seasoned ones are going to be expensive. These are a few reasons why more organizations are considering alternatives.

While the specific tasks handled by Chief Information Security Officers will vary depending on their job requirements, Chief Information Security Officers will typically perform the following (but are not limited to):

  • Setting security policies, standards, and guidelines
  • Managing Information Security teams
  • Performing risk assessments and audits

Outsourcing Chief Information Security Officer Services

4it provides a more affordable alternative to hiring a full-time Chief Information Security Officer. Outsourcing the services to us will give you a highly experienced team of security professionals who can identify and mitigate every security risk and establish best practices for your organization.

Why should an organization outsource services as critical as those performed by a Chief Information Security Officer? In any organization, a Chief Information Security Officer is an asset to that organization’s IT security-related matters, and with the ongoing cyber threats, your organization needs these services. However, not every organization has the capacity to recruit and employ a full-time Chief Information Security Officer because it will not be a cost-effective solution.

A dedicated team of specialists and experts will have the depth of experience and expertise your organization needs when it comes to making sound decisions about your security. When you hire a full-time Chief Information Security Officer, regardless of what their training and educational background may be, there is no guarantee that a CISO will have all the skills you need. Training takes time and money. However, when you partner with 4it, you will have access to a team of experts with varied experiences which can serve as an extended resource when needed.

4it Allows Your Internal Team to Focus On Their Core Responsibilities

Our team offers a complete cybersecurity ecosystem with a dedicated team to monitor and maintain tools, as well as a partnership with a 24/7 Gartner Quadrant SOC that includes incident response and a dedicated security engineer. This allows us to focus on the high-level cybersecurity needs of your organization: guidelines, security policies, compliance standards, etc. This will allow your current internal IT team to remain heavily focused on their day-to-day activities and maintain a sustainable workload.

By managing the complex responsibilities and guiding your in-house staff, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses in your team and identify places where you may need additional guidance. Through our experience, we have established a network with vendors and industry leaders. These relationships give us a head start if problems arise and an action plan is needed. Through our experience and industry connections, our dedicated team can quickly identify the best solutions in any situation, saving your organization from the frustrations that can occur when new circumstances come into play.

For a while now, the cybersecurity industry has experienced a shortage of skilled workers. If you feel that hiring a full-time Chief Information Security Officer is attainable for your organization, will you have the time needed to search for the perfect fit? The time and financial resources it takes to list your position, review resumes, and conduct interviews are extensive. When you add the difficulties of finding a qualified candidate that also fits in the culture of your organization, it will become more difficult.

During this time, your security needs will increase and your ability to handle those needs will decrease. With our team of qualified professionals by your side, we will take the weight off your employees’ shoulders to allow them to better function in the position you hired them for, allowing you to enhance your organization’s growth. Our team is here to put you on the track that leads to cyber resilience. With our knowledge of cybersecurity, we provide the services of a Chief Information Security Officer that will match the needs of your organization.

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