How To Remove Microsoft Edge From Windows 10

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How To Remove Microsoft Edge From Windows 10

If you’ve been using Windows, you may have recently received an update from Microsoft. The update titled “Edged” is designed to improve the Windows 10 interface and make it more appealing and easier to use. The build has added excellent features that were absent in previous versions. These add-ons are helpful but equally annoying, especially if you don’t want them on your computer. There are several ways and tools you can use to remove Microsoft Edge from your computer. Let’s explore them.

Removing using PowerShell Utility

The PowerShell utility is often used to uninstall several pre-installed apps in Windows 10. You are only required to have a copy of PowerShell which must be at least version 5 or higher for the success of the process.

There are two ways of using PowerShell utility. This includes launching PowerShell from the search box or launching the utility from an external hard drive connected to your PC.

Launching PowerShell from the search box

You can follow these steps to remove Microsoft Edge from your PC using this utility.

  • Click on the search box and type PowerShell.
  • Once it appears, click to open it up
  • Right-click anywhere in the background of the open window and select “Windows Powershell (Admin)”
  • Launch the elevated version of PowerShell
  • Copy and paste the following command: Get-AppxPackage *Microsoft.WindowsStore* | remove-appxpackage and press “Enter” to execute it
  • Restart your PC once the uninstallation process ends

Launching PowerShell from an external hard drive

Remove Microsoft Edge using this tool through these steps.

  • Click on your start button and select “File Explorer.”
  • Select “This PC” or “My Computer” On the new window
  • Look for a shortcut icon for your external hard drive. If you don’t have one, create one.
  • Open the icon using File Explorer and copy and paste the following command into PowerShell that shows up: Get-AppxPackage *Microsoft.Xbox* | remove-appxpackage
  • Press “Enter” to begin the uninstallation process.
  • Restart your computer once the process is completed

Utilizing a standard Windows 10 Settings’ Control Panel

You can easily uninstall Microsoft Edge using the Control Panel found in any standard Windows 10 OS. The process follows the steps below:

  • Click on your start menu and open “Settings”
  • In the search box, type “Apps”
  • From the results list, click “Apps & Features” to view all installed apps on your computer. You will also see a list of installed programs with their publisher and version number.
  • Select the app to remove and select “Uninstall.” You may be required to enter an administrator password or confirmation to authorize the uninstallation process.
  • Follow through the installation process until completion
  • Restart your computer

Uninstalling using CCleaner Utility

CCleaner comes with the ability to remove pre-installed apps. It also contains software to remove programs such as Microsoft Edge.

Follow these steps to use this tool efficiently.

  • Download and install CCleaner on your computer from your browser. Provide the relevant installation information if you’re requested.
  • Click “Cleaner” on the main screen to view all temporary files on your computer
  • A list of items will pop up with checking boxes beside them that determine whether they are cleanable or not
  • Locate Microsoft Edge in the list and check its box to schedule it for removal
  • Click “Run Cleaner” on the right side to initiate the process
  • Click “OK” to confirm and authorize its deletion
  • Restart your computer after completion
  • Check if Microsoft Edge has been uninstalled or not

Removing Microsoft Edge Using Third-party tools

There are several third-party tools built with Microsoft Edge removal functionality from your computer. They include:

WiperSoft Antispyware

WiperSoft is a popular, modern, and efficient anti-malware tool with excellent features for detecting potentially unwanted apps. It scans your computer to detect malware, cleans and optimizes the PC’s performance by removing temporary files.

Using this software allows you to uninstall Microsoft Edge easily without the hassles or risks of breaking your system and warranty. To use this tool:

  • Download the WiperSoft installer program from a third-party website
  • Open the file and follow instructions to complete installing it
  • Launch it, and click “Scan Now” to initiate the scanning process to detect and remove any existing threats from your computer
  • Click “Settings” to schedule an automatic scan
  • Upon completion of the scan, click “Review the Result,” select detected threats
  • Choose “Remove” to remove them if you are sure they are unwanted apps
  • Restart your computer once the process is complete

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

MalwareBytes is a dedicated anti-malware utility that offers real-time protection against threats and malware on your computer. It also comes with options to remove pre-installed apps.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge using this tool by following these steps:

  • Download the MalwareBytes installer program from your PC’s browser
  • Run it and follow instructions to complete the installation process
  • You can run it in default mode for quick scanning
  • Launch the software and click on “Scan Now.” If there are already scheduled malware scans, they will appear in this window automatically.
  • Click the “Scan Schedule” button to schedule interval scanning
  • Click “Select Threats,” once the scan is completed, to view detected threats, and remove them
  • Restart your computer after the removal process

Zemana Antimalware

Zemana Antimalware comes with several features that help to keep your device malware-free, such as Cloud-based protection. This feature automatically updates the list of malware with the latest versions.

You can also use it to remove pre-installed programs on your computer using its In-house technology.

Follow these steps to uninstall Microsoft Edge using this tool.

  • Download the Zemana installer program from your browser
  • Run the file and follow the prompts to finish the installation
  • Click the computer icon on your desktop to initiate scanning
  • Click “Settings” under “Scan Options” to schedule automatic scanning
  • Click “Select All” once scanning is completed to remove detected threats
  • Restart your computer once the process is over

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