Why 4it?

4it understands how important your IT is, as well as our own.
We Don’t Just Talk The Talk

We Don’t Just Talk The Talk…

IT is an undeniably critical part of your business’ success.

Just think about how many applications and devices your team uses to get their work done every day. Consider how destructive a cybersecurity incident would be if it occurred right now.

IT is a key part of the foundation of your business’ productivity, continuity, and profitability. That’s why you can’t trust just any Managed Services Provider (MSP) to look after it.

We Walk The Walk

A lot of MSPs will claim to be committed experts in all things IT, but that’s generally not the case. They’ve either overlooked critical processes or are trying to handle them all on their own with less than ideal results.

4it understands how important your IT is, as well as our own.

We are committed to the quality of support, cybersecurity expertise and managed services we deliver to you. Part of that commitment means ensuring our systems are confidently secure, so we can look after yours.

Ask another MSP about how well protected their systems are, and you may not get the right answers.

We Walk The Walk

4it’s Commitment To Security

4it’s Commitment To Security

Multi-factor Authentication

MFA is required for access to each and every one of our monitoring and management tools.


Security Operations Center

We have invested in a Security Information and Event Manager (SIEM) and also have our systems monitored by Alert Logic’s 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC).


Disaster Recovery Plan

We follow a carefully developed disaster recovery plan to ensure downtime with our systems won’t affect our clients. Want to see our plan? Just ask.


Penetration Testing

We undergo annual penetration testing to determine whether any gaps have developed in our cybersecurity posture, and remediate them as needed.

The question is:
Are you sure your MSP shows the same commitment to their cybersecurity? Would they even tell you if you asked?

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Partner With The Right MSP

The bottom line is that you can’t make any assumptions about the team in charge of your IT environment. It’s too important—ask for proof of their commitment to their security (and yours).

If you don’t get the answers you’re looking for, then start a conversation with the 4it team.

We can show you exactly how we manage both ours and our clients’ IT systems and cybersecurity.

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