IT Shared Services

Want to enhance your existing IT Department Cover your back with 4it’s IT Shared Services in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. We provide leading technical resources and support for your projects on demand so you can better focus your business.

Designed for organizations that already have internal IT staff, the 4it (SSM) Shared Services Model is a scalable addition of highly integrated IT management tools, people, and processes that significantly increases the productivity, transparency, and efficiency of IT operations.

Based on a customized ITIL framework, the SSM provides for the implementation of change control, service level agreement tracking and reporting, organization of work by service type, service board, and / or automated workflow rules, staff augmentation, and automated IT operations compliance reporting.  The SSM model is designed to be highly customizable to the organization’s needs, allowing for the seamless addition of resources when and where they are necessary.

Staff Augmentation
Get the technical resources you need for project and on demand support work seamlessly without the need to hire. Because these resources are permanent 4IT staff, they would already be familiar with the installation, procedures, and technology stack eliminating training and onboarding time. SSM makes it easy to keep a second string technical team that can cover staff shortages due to vacations, project work, or resignations.
Integrated Tools
Seamlessly add network and endpoint monitoring, patch management, anti-virus, anti-malware, content filtering, laptop encryption, mobile device management, and many other integrated tools to the IT infrastructure with little or no capital cost. Secured access to the tools and reporting can easily be extended to existing internal IT Staff.
Change Control
Implement a customizable change control process that can include or restrict internal IT staff from making production changes without approval. The process can be adapted to follow a formal ITIL change control procedure with notifications, workflow, approvals, scheduling, and testing.
Get your documentation under control. SSM provides access to our comprehensive IT ticketing system which includes a full repository for ALL IT documentation. Build documentation standards that are required for every add/change/delete, equipment deployment, website access, third-party vendor support documentation, warranties, contract expirations, etc.
The SSM includes the development, tracking, and implementation of a strategic IT roadmap. This is accomplished through weekly meetings, quarterly, and annual technology review projects to evaluate IT operations, budgets, renewals, life cycle replacement items, and potential opportunities to apply technology solutions to business problems.
Team Approach
The heart of the SSM is the building of a technology team that includes corporate and departmental stake holders that communicate often and continuously provides direction, feedback, and business challenges where technology can be applied. This insures that both the internal and external IT resources are delivering the service level and guidance to move the need forward for the organization.

We call it a shared services model because the goal is to guarantee that all work related to IT is accomplished as quickly and efficiently as possible by always choosing the right tools and the right resources to get the job done.  From maintenance, technical support, and compliance reporting to deployments, migrations, and IT security, the 4IT SSM delivers the resources you need when you need them.

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