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The Importance of Finding The Best

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The Importance of Finding The Best Miami IT Support

If you’re looking for Miami IT support to help your business thrive, there are a few points you should keep in mind. Here’s some information about why IT support services can give you an advantage over your competitors, and how you can find the best one near you.

Miami IT Support Advantages

Going with a dedicated IT support service rather than something that’s in-house is a move that nets you a number of different benefits. Here are some examples.

Return on Investment

If you just spend the same amount that you would on a small in-house team, you can use a managed IT company to gain far more resources for your operation. This includes many different aspects including security, software upgrades, and so on.

Productivity Boosts

When you try and handle IT in-house, there are often issues with productivity since the IT personnel get distracted with individual requests from other employees like when they have trouble logging in. This creates a productivity dip. If you instead use a service, then the productivity will remain high since the company has dedicated people for each issue and they won’t have to worry about training other employees such as what happens when you try and do it in-house.

Tight Cybersecurity

You don’t have to look far to see just how much of a concern cybersecurity is in this day and age. In 2020, there were 4.82 million DDoS attacks, for example. Estimations put the amount of damage these attacks cause at $100k per hour. This is often enough to cause a company to risk bankruptcy after just a few hours of attacks depending on the size.

The total amount of ransom demands made in 2020 was around $1.4 billion after bad actors got control over sensitive data and threatened to delete or release it. An attack of this nature can bring a company grinding to a halt, cause all of its employees to lose confidence in their jobs completely, and create all sorts of other problems as well. For company’s in the medical field, disabled systems actually led to a patient’s death in Germany.

Third-Party Software

Breaches from third-party software have also been on the rise, as has damage from it. An average breach from a third party is up to $4.29 million in damages now. Getting services from the right company can help ensure that all third-party software vulnerabilities are thoroughly explored so that you don’t get any kind of nasty surprises.


There are also social engineering attacks, including the most common, known as “phishing.” These were up by over 6 times in March of 2020. A proper IT company will be able to implement countermeasures against this sort of attack as well, including issuing privileges to employees on a per-task basis to make it less likely they give out their password to mal-actors in a way that could compromise systems.

There’s also the issue with cloud computing vulnerabilities as well. Over seven and a half million external attacks happened on cloud accounts in the second quarter of 2020.

Having a dedicated company for handling security matters is quickly becoming a necessity due to all of the different types of attacks happening on an ever-increasing basis.

Finding the Perfect IT Support Company in Miami

It’s important to make sure that you thoroughly check out the options for your area in Miami when it comes to IT support. Here are some guidelines for making sure that you get the best possible company based on your particular situation.

Free Assessment

The best companies will offer you a free IT assessment of your systems so that you can get a sense of what sorts of vulnerabilities you might have and where there is room for improvement in other categories. Getting this assessment for free will also allow you to evaluate whether you think a particular IT company will be a good fit or not.

Communication Options

It helps if a company allows you to contact them in person with an address, through the phone with a number they provide, through a form email on their site, or a live chat option. This indicates the site’s level of professionalism and puts the option in your hands. It also often means that you can contact them whenever you want according to what is convenient for you.

In other words, this is a way of showing that the company wants to do things your way, which will bode well for your interactions in the future when you start telling them what you need in terms of IT support.


There are a few sites you can use for reviews to see what other people say about the company that you are evaluating. Some of these options include-

  • The Better Business Bureau-Not all companies are accredited through the BBB, but there is usually some information there anyway. You’ll be able to see some contact information for them, check out how many complaints they have been in business, who is in charge, and more. Companies that are accredited are evaluated according to metrics like transparency,y complaint resolution, and more.
  • Glassdoor- This tends to evaluate companies more from the employee side, but it will still often give you an idea of how the IT company is run and what people think of it generally.
  • Daily Business and Other Options-If companies win awards like “Top Company in South Florida,” this is also a good sign and worthy of paying attention to generally. Paying attention to a company’s awards, accolades, and certifications is also going to be important.

Getting Started

For more information about how to get top IT support from companies like 4IT, please don’t hesitate to go ahead and contact us today. The faster you contact us, the faster we can get started getting you a free evaluation and looking at your systems with an eye towards productivity improvement and greatly strengthening your security. Companies that outsource their IT tend to have the best possible efficiency rates as well as the most proactive security measures that you can get.

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