4it Is MedPro Healthcare Staffing’s Reliable Partner For All Things IT

With 220 employees, MedPro Healthcare Staffing relies on a robust, cloud-based IT environment to keep everyone communicating and productive.

4it Is MedPro Healthcare Staffing’s Reliable Partner For All Things IT

MedPro Healthcare Staffing operates both national and international programs to place nurses in roles with healthcare organizations around the world. With 220 employees, MedPro Healthcare Staffing relies on a robust, cloud-based IT environment to keep everyone communicating and productive.

For years, they’ve trusted 4it to help keep their IT optimized.

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MedPro Healthcare Staffing Was Looking For An IT Partner They Could Grow With

“We were working with another vendor, who we didn’t find was able to keep up with us and our growth and how we were developing internally as a company,” says Shawna Georges, Senior Technical Services Manager, MedPro Healthcare Staffing. “We just needed more support.”

As is the case for many of our current clients, MedPro Healthcare Staffing contacted us in their search for an IT partner that would help them grow and flourish. Their previous IT company could only provide so much support, and MedPro Healthcare Staffing quickly outpaced them.

After waiting for their support contract to expire, Shawna began looking for a new IT company to work with. She knew they needed a partner with the experience, skills and resources to support them in the long term.

“We went about vetting a new IT company,” says Shawna. “That’s how we ended up selecting 4it.”

While it can be difficult to judge a potential business partner based on a meeting or two, Shawna and the MedPro Healthcare Staffing team were confident in their selection because they recognized similar business values at play in 4it’s culture. They were confident we would be able to help them grow and develop as a business.

“We noticed that they have the same core values as us, and figured they would be a better fit,” says Shawna. “We needed someone that would be able to keep up with us.”

4it Delivered Access To The IT Resources MedPro Healthcare Staffing Needed

“They were able to provide us a lot of visibility, and give us the tools we needed,” says Shawna.

One of the key reasons MedPro Healthcare Staffing moved on from their last IT company was the limited range of IT solutions they could support. By moving to 4it, MedPro Healthcare Staffing gained access to powerful tools like ConnectWise and LabTech, vastly improving their organization’s efficiency and productivity.

“We didn’t have that flexibility before,” says Shawna. “4it gave us access to tools we didn’t have.”

However, 4it provided more than just expertise with critical IT solutions. We also became an extension of MedPro Healthcare Staffing’s IT support processes — while Shawna handles the user level support, anything more time-consuming can be escalated to our team.

“Working with them, it helps us continue to grow and make sure that we’re managing everything,” says Shawna. “We work hand-in-hand together.”

4it Helps MedPro Healthcare Staffing Stay Secure

“Cybersecurity is very important for us,” says Shawna. “We do not want to become a victim of any breaches.”

Recognizing the growing threat of cybercrime in the business world, MedPro Healthcare Staffing takes its cybersecurity seriously. One of their priorities in vetting IT companies was finding one that would ensure they are comprehensively protected against threats.

“We need to always stay up to date and make sure we’re patched,” says Shawna.

4it manages MedPro Healthcare Staffing’s updates and patches through a carefully detailed process, ensuring security updates are applied in a timely manner, without affecting anyone at the user level. We help Shawna maintain oversight on the process by providing regular patch reports.

MedPro Healthcare Staffing Can Rely On 4it To Be There When They Need Them

“If I escalate a case, I know they’re going to find a solution and get it working,” says Shawna. “I do appreciate the fact that I don’t have to do the day-to-day investigation.”

This is just one of the reasons why Shawna appreciates 4it. The 4it team is there when she needs extra support and is in touch on a regular basis — not just when something goes wrong.

“We have a weekly cadence call,” says Shawna. “It helps me build the trust that they are addressing any issues we have.”

The best part is that Shawna knows that 4it intimately understands MedPro Healthcare Staffing’s business and what they do. Rather than talking to a new contact every time she gets in touch, she knows she’ll be talking to a familiar member of the 4it team each time.

“With 4it, I’ve been working with the same contact for a few years now,” says Shawna. “On our cadence calls, or when I call the help desk, I’m not getting a person who doesn’t know our environment. We have a relationship with them.”

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