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Why A Miami IT Services Company Offers Savings on Your Technology Costs

It is tempting to view hiring an in-house IT professional as a cost-effective way to handle your technology needs for a small or mid-sized business. However, there are limits to what an individual or small IT department can do, especially for a growing business. If you have a growing company, your best bet is to hire a Miami IT services company to provide managed technology services to lower your overall cost of ownership of your technology resources.

Undeniably, if you run a small business as a sole proprietor with around 20 or so employees, having an in-house technician or an employee taking on part-time IT responsibilities could be sufficient for your needs. However, this is a setup that limits your growth potential.

Ultimate Capabilities and Cost-Effectiveness with Outsourcing IT Services Company in Miami

The thought of outsourcing your Miami IT services and staff can be intimidating. However, when you understand what is included in outsourced IT services and the associated benefits, you will see the significant cost savings you will make:

Remote Monitoring

A remote monitoring solution has a team of tech experts controlling and observing your systems and network around the clock from afar. Your managed service provider can then identify and handle network issues in real-time and take on other administrative tasks such as patching software and undertaking upgrades.

A system outage costs you money. A remote monitoring team detects any irregularities within your network at the onset and get straight to work fixing any issues before they cause you significant downtime and disruption of your business.

Security, Data Backup, and Recovery

When you run your applications and store your data in the cloud, you inherently protect your business by preventing unauthorized access to your premises and essential information stored on your servers and workstations.

In this article published in the Denver Post, 60% of growing businesses fall victim to a cyber-attack close shop within six months of the event. This is an incredibly high percentage but indicates the danger your business faces without proper protection.

If you lack the in-house expertise to handle security and data backups, outsourcing these services to a Miami IT services company ensures adequate and affordable cloud-based backup. Additionally, a managed services provider helps you gain and maintain compliance with regulatory standards such as HIPAA.

A cloud services provider and managed IT solutions provider also has the necessary resources to hire highly specialized and experienced digital security experts at a small fraction of what would cost you to have similar professionals on your staff.

IT Helpdesk

A catch-22 for many small businesses has a tech support helpdesk. On the one hand, it is a vital function that helps prevent downtime and helps increase productivity and profits, but on the other hand, it can be overwhelming when handled in-house.

As an IT director or small business owner, how do you ensure that network and computer issues do not cause hours or days of lost work and profits? You can take the most cost-effective measure to outsource your support to a Miami IT services company at a low, fixed fee. Not only does this simplify the management of your tech resources, but it also reduces your costs when compared to having a full-time employee handling user support instead of serving your customers’ needs.

Virtual CIO

Planning for your company’s future is critical for your organization’s growth and success. Including your growth and expansion plans within your overall IT schedule is crucial if you need to gain a competitive advantage for your business.

However, your small business might not have the expertise, financial resources, or time to keep up with rapidly evolving technology trends. An elegant solution is having a managed services provider offer you Virtual CIO (vCIO) services. A vCIO is an outsourced Chief Information Officer role that provides management-level expertise in identifying your current technology strengths and weaknesses and uses the evaluation to create a roadmap to business success through IT’s practical use.

Having a full-time CIO is often beyond the financial reach of most small and mid-sized companies, even though they are the types of organizations that would benefit the most from the role. A Miami IT services company provides you with an experienced CIO at an affordable cost, allowing you to benefit from the rapid growth possible with carefully executed technology planning.

The Cost of Hiring Your Own In-house IT Department or Employee

We get a typical response when we present our managed IT services to business owners: “HOW MUCH will you charge me every month?” Many company owners or decision-makers do not understand the real cost of having an IT expert on their staff. Although you might have some initial shock at the up-front sticker price of outsourcing your technology to a Miami IT services company, the numbers will generally work in your favor. The following are the costs you can expect when you hire and pay for an in-house technology professional:

Recruiting and Onboarding Costs

When you do any advertising for a job position, it is usually at some cost. Putting aside the direct costs of placing a job ad, you also need to consider the time you need to read submitted resumes, contact references, carry out interviews, and make the successful candidate an offer. Remember, your time is money.


According to statistics on the review website Glassdoor, an IT professional’s salary stands at an average of $51,838 per year (depending on your location). For a small or mid-sized business, that is a hefty price to pay for a single employee. If your IT department consists of 3 or 4 people, you could spend upwards of $300,000 every year to maintain an in-house IT team.


Besides your team’s salaries, you need to offer them full-time benefits at a significant cost to attract top-tier talent. Employee Benefits could set you back as much as 30% of your salaries.

Paid Time Off

Inevitably, your IT pros will need to take vacations and sick days off. Are you able to take up the slack when a key member of your team is on vacation or is ill for a couple of weeks? When someone on your staff is unavailable for even a short period, it could risk your entire business.

Adding up all the costs, a conservative estimate of a single IT professional’s cost is about $100,000 per year or more than $8,000 per month. This figure does not even consider the costs you face if you need to terminate an employee, or they leave for whatever reason, as explained on

Take Charge of Your IT Services Costs in Miami Today

Consistent evaluation and planning are essential for the growth needs of your business. Due to our team of multi-talented technology experts, decades of combined experience, and an understanding of local businesses’ needs, 4it Inc will help you lower your overall IT costs. Talk to us today, and discover why companies all over South Florida trust us to help keep their technology assets running efficiently at an affordable price.

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