Move ahead With
Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Are you considering an upgrade of your existing corporate phone system? Moving your corporate phone system to the cloud? Before you pull the trigger, take a close look at Microsoft 365 Business Voice.

Business voice is a Microsoft cloud based communication solution that provides Microsoft Teams users the ability to answer incoming voice calls and place outgoing voice calls through the Microsoft Office 365 cloud instead of using a traditional corporate phone system, granting you greater connectivity, more features, and reduced costs.

This solution integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft suite of apps and solutions like Outlook, Word, and Excel — that means your phone client becomes Microsoft Teams, the industry leading collaboration application you’ve likely become very familiar with over the past year.

In this arrangement, all of your staff’s communication will be centralized in Microsoft Teams — schedule meetings and send messages like usual, with the added benefit of being able to handle all voice calls directly in Teams.

Work remotely and answer calls on any device

While Microsoft Teams allows you to schedule and join online video meetings, when combined with Business Voice, it becomes a fully-fledged unified communications solution for your office and remote teams. Microsoft Teams runs flawlessly on any Windows device, Apple Device, or Android device, so any user can work from a laptop, tablet, or nothing more than a cell phone.

Users won’t need to install a complicated desktop business phone or learn to use a new softphone solution — they can run all of their meetings, answer and place all of their calls in Microsoft Teams. You can port your existing corporate phone system numbers to Microsoft or have new dedicated phone numbers for placing and receiving domestic and international phone calls, with all the advanced features users are accustomed to including voicemail, transfer, delegation, and emergency calling. If users still want a physical phone, that is supported as well.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice Will Save You Money

Saving money is one of the primary reasons that businesses switch to Microsoft 365 Business Voice phone systems.

Legacy business phone systems are expensive — the setup is intrusive, and reconfigurations require time and system changes. Plus, maintenance and repairs can be very expensive.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice will likely cut your expenses when compared to a conventional phone system, and your marketing and sales people will be happy to know that the solution supports advanced inbound call handling features like workgroups, call queuing, advanced call routing, and call recording.

4it Will Show You How To Harness Microsoft 365 Business Voice

4it will install and maintain Microsoft 365 Business Voice for your organization, configured to meet the specific needs of your team.

Getting the modern phone solution you need is easy:

  1. Contact our team and schedule a consultation.
  2. Show us what you need from a communication solution.
  3. Let us show you how Microsoft 365 Business Voice will meet your needs.

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