Modernizing Your Business’ Phone Systems With Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a Microsoft communication solution that places your calls through the cloud instead of a traditional phone line, granting you greater connectivity, more features, and reduced costs.

Better than a general cloud phone solution, Microsoft 365 Business Voice integrates seamlessly directly with the Microsoft suite of apps and solutions you’re already familiar with.

We will show you how to cut your dependence on old telephone lines and use the high-speed dependability of an internet connection:

  • Cloud-based phones slash prices compared to traditional phone systems, allowing you to reallocate funds to other areas of your business that need attention.
  • Your connectivity and means of collaboration improve, keeping you connected and in-the-loop even when you are on the go.
  • A wide range of innovative features makes your communications easier and more effective, helping to increase productivity and improve your workflow.
  • This solution is fully scalable, allowing for changes to be made quickly and seamlessly, without causing any kind of disruption or downtime, and without the usual hefty fees associated with installations and changes to your service agreement

How Will Microsoft 365 Business Voice Improve Your Communications?

When you call your customers and business contacts, you will both enjoy a more reliable connection and higher quality audio. Furthermore, the range of features offered by Microsoft 365 Business Voice allows for an extremely convenient phone experience:

  • Put a phone number on all your devices — your laptop and desktop become your phone
  • Inclusive of all the essential business phone features
  • Integrated voicemail with email
  • Full call routing, call forwarding, call blasts
  • Full-featured auto-attendant
  • Increased collaboration via audio conferencing
  • Toll and toll-free numbers available
  • Every staff member gets their own phone number
  • Port your existing numbers
  • Choose any area code

4it Will Show You How To Harness Microsoft 365 Business Voice

4it will install and maintain Microsoft 365 Business Voice for your organization, configured to meet the specific needs of your team.

Getting the modern phone solution you need is easy:

  1. Contact our team and schedule a consultation.
  2. Show us what you need from a communication solution.
  3. Let us show you how Microsoft 365 Business Voice will meet your needs.

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