What’s New With Microsoft 365 In September 2022

Microsoft 365 is the world’s leading solution for incorporating processes into a hybrid environment and simplifies creating, collaborating and sharing over the web.

Microsoft 365 In September 2022

Key Points:

  • Hybrid and remote technology has transformed the way businesses operate in South Florida.
  • Microsoft 365 is the world’s leading solution for incorporating processes into a hybrid environment and simplifies creating, collaborating and sharing over the web.
  • Microsoft 365 continues to release enhancements and improvements to improve team members’ ability to stay connected and collaborate efficiently.

Today’s business environment is transforming rapidly. Technology and the internet have changed how we do business and the shape of the workforce environment in South Florida and worldwide. The team at Microsoft is committed to helping enterprises in every industry overcome challenges and grow stronger through technology.

With Microsoft 365, organizations can incorporate their business processes into the digital world. Regarding collaboration and hybrid workforces, Microsoft can help your South Florida organization do more with less. Microsoft delivers, whether it’s improving workflow efficiency or enabling remote and hybrid capabilities.

In September, Microsoft 365 is introducing new features in OneDrive that improve sharing experiences and enable enhanced creation and collaboration capabilities while connecting employees to organizational goals through Microsoft Viva Goals. In addition, their new WorkLab Guide, ” How to Hybrid,” will provide your organization with the practical guidance and knowledge you need to make your hybrid capabilities work flawlessly.

Streamline File Sharing and Communication

At the heart of Microsoft 365’s powerful filesharing capabilities is OneDrive. Whether organizing crucial files and documents, collaborating on a team project, or working alone, OneDrive’s new capabilities can help you access everything you need.

For September 2022, Microsoft has improved the user experience of OneDrive, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams. The latest enhancements improve already exceptional software, providing a quick and easy way to manage access settings for individuals and groups and enabling your team to locate, share, and manage files.

The enhanced OneDrive Home experience lets you quickly view the files you most recently used, along with activity updates. OneDrive Home allows you to see everything you are working on at a glance and filter files by type, enabling you to prioritize your work quickly. In addition, you can pin document libraries, making it easy to access the things you use every day.

Finally, to further enhance your communication capabilities, Microsoft has added a new calling plan option to Microsoft Teams Phone. The new Pay-As-You-Go option adds even more flexibility for businesses and includes a phone number and unlimited incoming calls.

Creation and Collaboration With Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 was built to allow users to work with their favorite apps all in one place. Whether on the web or a mobile device, new features in Microsoft Office make it easier than ever to access, create, and organize your ideas.

People Pinning under My Content enables web users to personalize their experience. New features allow you to pin your top collaborators, making it quick and easy to locate recent content from your key contacts.

Microsoft Feed provides commercial mobile users with relevant, engaging, and exciting content, including activity and insights, from their personal Microsoft 365 network. The app includes Microsoft Lens, which utilizes interactive text to simplify reusing information from your photos, screenshots, or camera views to capture notes quickly. In addition, Lens enables you to save or share images with others and copy and paste them across different platforms.

Meeting the Challenges of a Remote Workforce

Organizations in every industry recognize the connection between employee well-being and productivity. Research has found that employee well-being is essential to creating positive experiences and emotions at work, which improves productivity, reduces absences, and increases retention. As a result, nearly 25% of Fortune 500 companies today use Microsoft Viva to build a culture that empowers people and teams to be their best wherever they work.

In September, Microsoft rolled out new capabilities for Viva and Teams. These latest enhancements make it easier than ever to keep employees connected to each other and their team while maintaining a clear focus on the organization’s mission, culture, and business goals.

Through Viva Goals, your employees stay connected to your organization’s goals. Viva Goals helps them stay aligned with your mission and keep their eye on the goal. This connection can propel your firm’s results and empower your employees by enabling them to see and understand their impact on the organization.

Viva Goals can be used as a standalone web application or directly from inside Teams. In addition, the app integrates with the objectives and key results goal-setting framework, creating a natural alignment between the projects your teams are working on and your organization’s primary business priorities. As part of Microsoft Viva, Viva Goals seamlessly blends into the employee experience and empowers individuals and teams to succeed.

In addition, to help reconnect and engage a dispersed workforce, Microsoft has improved the polling experience in Teams. For example, Microsoft Teams meeting leaders can now easily create and launch new polls or reuse recent polls to improve engagement.

The Teams polling feature allows you to collect real-time input from meeting attendees and share the results live. The new, dynamic features engage attendees and improve their experience with animations for voting and results views that make your polls more interactive and engaging.

Discover the Secrets to Hybrid With the WorkLab Guides

Creating a hybrid workspace that works for your organization can be challenging. Microsofts new WorkLab Guides simplify the implementation and utilization of your remote technology.

WorkLab Guides take the mystery out of hybrid by providing detailed hands-on advice to help you navigate the challenges you need to overcome so that hybrid works for your organization. From collaborating to hosting effective meetings, these detailed guides will help you figure out what works for your teams.

Microsoft 365 and 4it

Microsoft continues to improve Microsoft 365 with enhanced capabilities designed to improve your team’s ability to stay connected and collaborate efficiently. Microsoft promises more innovations and product features in the coming months, which will continue to impact businesses in South Florida positively. Contact us today to learn more about how our team of experts at 4it can help you get the most out of your hybrid capabilities with Microsoft 365.

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