Project Management

Are you looking to introduce a new technology solution in your organization in Miami and Fort Lauderdale? 4it’s project management services can help evaluate, plan, deploy, and review your upcoming project.

The technology needs of every organization change over time. Often, these needs are dictated by the current business cycle or growth phase of the organization, and the life-cycle of previous technology capital investments. 

The process of introducing new technology solutions into an organization, removing and retiring older technology, and creating new organizational processes that depend upon the technology often requires many moving parts to be carefully coordinated on a time scale, and has the potential to create large scale interruption to the organization.

Success begins at project definition. 4it’s project management team can assist in defining the technology requirements, producing a properly defined scope of work, identifying project risks, and creating measurable deliverables that clearly demonstrates success. Without this crucial step, creating a comprehensive project plan, time line, and resource map is impossible.
There is no project too small or too easy to execute without a project plan. Building a complete project plan from initial kick off to final acceptance is consistently the best way to guarantee that a project will be completed on time and under budget. 4it can assist in developing a complete project plan broken down into phases, tickets, and specific tasks with budget hours so that managing a project to the plan is straightforward and accessible to the team and all the stakeholders.
4it can provide and coordinate all of the resources necessary for the execution of almost any technical project. With engineering staff certified in networking, cloud, cyber security, database management, and software deployment, 4it has the people to deliver your project on time and under budget.
Central to the 4it approach to successful project management is effectively communicating current project health, impending roadblocks, potential service interruptions, and overall project status to the stakeholders and project team on a recurring basis. This is even more essential for projects involving separate engineering teams, multiple phases, and milestone deliverables.

Given that the pace of change is quickening in information technology, it’s never been more important to understand how to make these transformations succeed while minimizing the risks.  Organizations can’t afford to waste time and effort on projects that don’t deliver.  It is therefore of utmost importance that these changes are evaluated, planned, deployed, and reviewed using a Project Management discipline.

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