South Florida Auto Parts Distributor Operates NO MATTER WHAT!

Disaster Recovery planning is a non-negotiable component of business management.

4it Helped This South Florida Auto Parts Distributor Deploy A Disaster Recovery Plan To Keep Them Operating—No Matter What

Preparing for business interruptions is critical in order to make sure you can stay up and running.

Regardless of whether the outage is at the office, in your city, or around the world, you need to stay in operation and protect your data in order to maintain profitability and meet your clients’ needs.

Consider the facts:

In addition to reliable data backup capability, effective Disaster Recovery planning will get your South Florida business up and running with as little downtime as possible.

In short, Disaster Recovery is undeniably important. That’s why this client enlisted 4it’s help…

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This South Florida Client Needed To Keep Their Network of Warehouses Up And Running

This client, an auto-parts wholesale/distribution business, managed six separate warehouses.

Because this particular client had geographically dispersed warehouses, they had very specific Disaster Recovery needs. We began the process of determining and meeting these needs by first identifying RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) for each line-of-business application.

  • RTO—How long will it take to recover files, applications, servers, and/or full infrastructure?
  • RPO—is governed by the frequency of backups.

Essentially, a 24-hour RPO means you can restore all of the data from the previous day; and a 48-hour RTO means the application must be restored and operational within 48 hours.

Based on the nature of this client’s business and operations, their defined RTO and RPO for the line-of-business applications required to take orders and ship auto parts was 24 hours.

How 4it Helped This South Florida Client Develop A Reliable And Robust Disaster Recovery Plan

Given that this client has 100% of their infrastructure at their premise facility in South Florida., we proposed the following system that would meet their RPO and RTO:

  • A VEEAM-based backup solution with local and remote standby systems
  • A semi-automated DR failover process that would allow for seamless failover/failback

The client promptly approved this course of action, and we got to work installing and configuring the VEEAM backup software, the local and remote standby systems, the initial replication of data, and quarterly failover testing that required the entire organization to operate from the disaster recovery site for a week.

We also incorporated a redundant clustered mail server to provide email service without interruption before, during, and post-disaster. Ultimately, the project was a huge success, and the DR installation was utilized numerous times over the course of the following 8 years before the company was sold.

4it Helps South Florida Business Owners Stop Worrying

What would you do if the power went out right now? What if your area flooded for days on end?

Disaster Recovery planning is a non-negotiable component of business management. Aside from all the technical and business benefits offered by our Disaster Recovery services, the bottom line is that we will help you stop worrying about your South Florida business.

The 4it team will help you avoid and minimize the effects of any disaster that hits your area. Get in touch with our team to start developing your plan.

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