How Hard Is It To Switch IT Companies?

It’s hard to work with an IT company that does not deliver, and even harder to consider switching to another service provider.

Switching IT Companies Shouldn’t Be A Hassle

You have probably been convinced like many others that switching IT companies is tiresome, and in most circumstances, bears no fruits. Is it that hard? Is it worth it? What about the risks that come with it? What if I end up with a supplier that’s even worse than the one, I currently have?

If we’re being honest with you, switching IT companies can be a cumbersome and nerve-wracking process. But it doesn’t always have to be if you find a supportive partner and follow the right steps.

In this article, we are going to exhaust all that you need to know about changing IT firms. We are going to help you with the tricks and tips of identifying and managing potential risks during the transitioning process. We also seek to debunk the notion that all IT suppliers are the same, and hope to help you make informed decisions — and safely switch to 4IT Inc.

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Migrating From One IT Company To The Other… How Difficult Can It Be?

IT plays a very crucial role in your everyday business transactions. Some experts have even argued that any modern business is an IT business.

If you are going to switch from one IT service provider to the other successfully, you must know and be on the lookout for the risks that you are likely to encounter:

  • Possible Network Downtime: For most executives, this is the primary concern. Without proper planning, many transitions cause undue prolonged slowdowns of systems.
  • The corruption or Loss of Files: Not once or twice have companies had to struggle with tracing files lost while switching IT suppliers. Misconfigurations can also doctor your records or convert them into illegible forms.
  • Creepy Service Providers: Do not overlook the threats posed by your previous supplier. Be keen that they do not interfere with your systems or deliberately create backdoors.

Many companies expected that their IT firms would help them make the most of the COVID-19 pandemic. Did they assist you in establishing a productive mobile workforce? Were your workers enabled to work from home comfortably, or were you left to worry about the security of their gadgets continually?

The epidemic has been a perfect opportunity to gauge your service provider’s competence. Are you convinced that they are up to the task? Assuming you are not, is that justification enough to warrant seeking a new IT partner?

The switching of IT companies is a considerable milestone. It is one of the most significant moves any business can make. So, how do you know that you should switch IT service providers?

Who Should Switch IT Companies?

You must have valid reasons because once you make up your mind, there is no room for looking back.

At the very top of this list is mistrust. If you do not trust your IT company, there is no need to even think twice. For you to grant an outsourced entity unabated access to your networks, both of you must have mutual trust — there are no two ways about it.

Other trivial snags can be excused with just a simple request for amendments. Are there any red flags that you should be on the lookout for? Here are a few signs that clearly show you need to switch IT companies.

  • Continuous Price Hikes: Does your supplier have a habit of inflating your service bills without any explanations or prior notice? Find an IT company that is keen on assisting you in minimizing costs while optimizing outputs. This is why it is essential to seek testimonials before agreeing to work with any supplier.
  • A Detached IT Company: Why did you outsource IT support in the first place, to support your business, right? What if you feel that the supplier you have does not understand your goals or try to help you advance them. It is prevalent these days for service providers to design fixed solutions, and assume that one shoe fits all. The right supplier will formulate individualized solutions to your specific needs.
  • An Absent Service Provider: Does the IT company regularly dispatch technicians to assess your systems physically? When networks are down, do their experts conduct repairs? Or all they do is lead you to perform the repairs by yourself over the phone?
  • An IT Supplier That Can No Longer Meet Your Changing Needs: You probably went for the company because your needs were limited back then. But as your enterprise is growing, you require a more established service provider.
  • Miscommunication: If you are not getting regular updates on the condition and progress of your networks, you are with the wrong company? It is characteristic of inept suppliers to intentionally make up a glitch in communication to evade being questioned.

Once you are sure that you need to change your IT support firm, the reason does not count. What saves the day is how well you execute the migration and minimize interference of your systems during the process.

What you must never forget is always to secure your systems at every stage of the transition, and even after.

Standard Procedures For Switching IT Support Companies

  1. Only terminate your existing partnership when you are sure that you have a dependable substitute already in charge of your networks. Learn from your mistakes with the previous supplier to avoid ending up with a team that is even more incompetent. The new service provider must exhibit experience or expertise in helping companies make transitions.
  2. Solicit all login credentials from your current IT supplier. They should grant you full administrative access to every part of your systems.
  3. The new partner should then examine your networks for any weak points, and then proceed to draft an exit protocol.
  4. Back up your files just in case of any deletions or accidental omissions.
  5. Once you have implemented all the safety measures, inform your current service provider of the intention to switch.
  6. Note that some SLAs will require you to make advance notifications. Even in such circumstances, only communicate your plan to migrate once you have observed the precautions.

Another important thing is to always keep all the departments in the loop. IT projects only succeed if they have the backing of all units. Remember to change your passwords after the transition.

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