Spread the Microsoft Word

You have probably never heard of the organization called FIN7.  Although estimates vary, FIN7, a very organized and successful Ukrainian based hacking group, has probably earned well over a billion dollars (with a B) from businesses all over the world.  It appears that stolen credit cards were their primary revenue generator, but the full scope … Read moreSpread the Microsoft Word

What happens when trusted software is the virus?

hack on keyboard

Hackers have ingeniously struck again by adding a hidden backdoor into a popular maintenance and file clean-up tool, CCleaner for Windows. The hacked version of the tool allows for the malicious download of additional malware, meaning the hackers could do anything with those affected systems. According to Avast, the company that owns CCleaner, approximately 2.27 million systems ran … Read moreWhat happens when trusted software is the virus?

4 Ways Hackers Can Disrupt Your Life

hacker in hoodie

If a hacker manages to get their grubby hands on your computer, you’re going to have a bad time. Of course, how bad of a time you have depends on your hacker’s intentions. There are several things hackers can do to harm you, here are four of the most common ways hackers can disrupt your … Read more4 Ways Hackers Can Disrupt Your Life

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