You Gotta Fight. For Your Right. To Net Neutrality!

net neutrality scales

We’re seeing a lot of buzz about a controversial issue known as “net neutrality.” It’s primarily being discussed in the realms of American politics, but its ramifications affect every user of the Internet from around the world! We believe that what’s happening to net neutrality is important, and that everyone should be informed about it. … Read more

Internet Explorer 8 Zero-Day Vulnerability Found, but Not Patched

virus network icon

With the world still on edge about the recent vulnerability found in most versions of Internet Explorer, another one has been discovered, this time in Internet Explorer 8. This bug allows a hacker to execute malicious code when a user opens an infected email or webpage. However, this vulnerability is different than the one previously … Read more

The Internet as Conceived in 1969

old computer

The Internet certainly has changed the way we live, work, shop, and communicate. We may think we’re superior to previous generations because of all our Internet-based technology, but we have video proof that the Internet was actually conceptualized in 1969. In many ways, our parents and grandparents were spot on with their predictions. In other ways, not … Read more

Search Anonymously with Duck Duck Go!

duck duck go mascot

With the NSA and Edward Snowden making headlines around the world, it’s enough to make any user of the Internet think twice about online security and wonder if they are being monitored or not. Google Search has been a popular hub for third party monitoring, which makes Internet users ask, “Is there a more secure search engine available?” There … Read more

Bots Outnumber Humans for Web Traffic

bot at keyboard

It has finally happened, the bots have taken over. While robots have yet to enslave humanity, bots have taken over the Internet, accounting for 62% of all web traffic. Is the bot takeover something you should be concerned about? To clear things up, Internet bots are much different than the cold-hearted steel-exoskeleton robots armed with … Read more

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