What happens when trusted software is the virus?

hack on keyboard

Hackers have ingeniously struck again by adding a hidden backdoor into a popular maintenance and file clean-up tool, CCleaner for Windows. The hacked version of the tool allows for the malicious download of additional malware, meaning the hackers could do anything with those affected systems. According to Avast, the company that owns CCleaner, approximately 2.27 million systems ran … Read moreWhat happens when trusted software is the virus?

The Legendary Router Malware

router and cables

When diagnosing your computer’s security problems, it should be noted that malware is not always located on the PC itself. A lot of the time, problems could be occurring in a number of different operating systems and browsers, making it difficult to diagnose the cause. A recent study by Ronald Kaplan and Dylan Kaplan proved … Read moreThe Legendary Router Malware

Be Wary of Hackers’ Psychological Attacks!

There’s a computer security threat so menacing that not even the best security technology can stop it. It’s called psychology, and it’s used with email phishing scams to trick users into overriding their security solution. The only way to stop this threat is with common sense, and unfortunately, there’s no app for that. It seems … Read moreBe Wary of Hackers’ Psychological Attacks!

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