Internet Explorer 8 Zero-Day Vulnerability Found, but Not Patched

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With the world still on edge about the recent vulnerability found in most versions of Internet Explorer, another one has been discovered, this time in Internet Explorer 8. This bug allows a hacker to execute malicious code when a user opens an infected email or webpage. However, this vulnerability is different than the one previously … Read moreInternet Explorer 8 Zero-Day Vulnerability Found, but Not Patched

Urgent: Protect Yourself Against Heartbleed

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April 7th 2014 was a big day for the world, not only because Microsoft ended security support for Windows XP, but because a massive security flaw was found in the OpenSSL cryptographic library. This problem, called the Heartbleed bug, was found by Google Security, and it leaks information from any applications and services utilizing OpenSSL. The problem, … Read moreUrgent: Protect Yourself Against Heartbleed

Are There Hackers Listening to You?

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Tech savvy individuals and businesses alike have moved away from traditional Internet browsers such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari to Google’s Chrome browser. After all, many people enjoy having a simplistic, yet powerful web browser that easily integrates it’s Google Docs tools and Gmail email service. However, users may want to think twice … Read moreAre There Hackers Listening to You?

When Basic Email Security is not Enough

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You may think that the standard security policies that come with your email account can protect you from hackers. It’s an easy mistake to make, but the truth of the matter is that, if a hacker really wants access to an account, then they will employ every tactic possible to get it, which can make … Read moreWhen Basic Email Security is not Enough

Search Anonymously with Duck Duck Go!

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With the NSA and Edward Snowden making headlines around the world, it’s enough to make any user of the Internet think twice about online security and wonder if they are being monitored or not. Google Search has been a popular hub for third party monitoring, which makes Internet users ask, “Is there a more secure search engine available?” There … Read moreSearch Anonymously with Duck Duck Go!

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