Take Advantage of the Cloud to Improve Team Collaboration

The cloud dramatically improves document sharing as seen with virtually every office productivity application that is cloud-enabled. Thanks to the cloud, different team members can simultaneously view a document within their web browser on any device from anywhere, and collaborate on a project like never before. Here are a few ways the cloud can bring your team together when working on an important project.

Real-Time Editing

Admittedly, having more than three people edit a document at once can get a little messy as the content moves and different cursors battle it out, but this is still more efficient than e-mailing the document back and forth. While editing, team members can effectively edit a document together by making use of a video or audio conferencing solution like VoIP.


Many cloud-enabled office productivity applications have an instant messaging tool inside the document, allowing team members to share ideas about the overall project. Several cloud apps also have a more specific comment section that allows users to correspond their comments with a specific line within the project. This allows for team members to quickly direct their attention to a spot in the document that needs editing instead of having to follow cryptic directions within an e-mail.

Revision History

In the past, when multiple users edited a document, it was difficult to figure out who made what edit. Taking advantage of cloud-enabled office productivity applications is a great way to find out this important information, and you can even restore the version of the document that dates back to when the edit was made. This feature will completely eliminate the “Oops Factor,” and helps keep people accountable for the edits they make.

If you’re still sharing projects by attaching them and sending them via e-mail, then you should really consider moving your projects to the cloud to improve workflow. To learn more about all the different cloud-enabled business applications that can make your organization more efficient and profitable, call 4it at (305)278-7100.

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