The Most Common Mistakes with Microsoft 365 Security

We all know Microsoft as an industry leader in providing its users with the latest technologies tipped to streamline processes, save on costs, enhance productivity, etc.

The Most Common Mistakes with Microsoft 365 Security

We all know Microsoft as an industry leader in providing its users with the latest technologies tipped to streamline processes, save on costs, enhance productivity, etc. One such invaluable innovation is Microsoft 365 – a subscription-based productivity cloud platform providing businesses with world-class apps like PowerPoint, Excel, SharePoint, OneDrive, and more.

The service also enables real-time communication, device management, data analysis, security functions, and much more. Speaking of security, did you know that Microsoft 365 has some internal gaps that can cause cybersecurity incidents when capitalized by cybercriminals?

This blog takes a deeper dive into the most common mistakes with Microsoft 365 security, plus how we can help fix them! So let’s get started, shall we?

Conditional Access Policies

As you may be aware, conditional access enables administrators to control the Microsoft 365 apps that users can access, subject to passing/failing specific conditions. Though they’re meant to scrutinize users and ensure that only authorized personnel can access Microsoft 365 assets, these conditions can turn out to be security concerns under certain circumstances.

For example, an ill-intended individual can enable geofencing to bypass multi-factor authentication (MFA) and access an employee’s mailbox by simply changing the location. Likewise, a hacker can leverage legacy protocols to use old Microsoft protocols like Idap and pop3, enabling them to access someone’s mailbox hassle-free.

Enterprise Access

Enterprise access is another Microsoft 365 permission that can turn out to shoot users in the foot if mishandled. By letting third parties access users’ mailboxes without requiring a password, enterprise access opens an avenue for all sorts of attacks, including business email compromise, spoofing, and phishing.

Cybercriminals have noted this gap and are always looking out to trick unsuspecting users into giving enterprise access to their mailbox. Once they gain entry into your mailbox, these hackers can launch far-reaching attacks like stealing financial data, impersonating respected figures to request payments, etc.

Luckily, you can avoid falling into the trap by partnering with a reliable IT support company like 4IT. We turn on administrative requirements for enterprise access, enhancing the security posture since only the admin is permitted to grant access subject to identity verification.


The default configuration of Microsoft 365 programs causes virtually all loggings to turn off. The bad news is that you may not know it, making you vulnerable to attacks like password compromise, keyloggers, credential stuffing, and man-in-the-middle. The logging is usually highly critical if you’re going through a forensic analysis to detect and document the consequences of a security incident.

Again, by partnering with a resourceful Microsoft 365 consultant like 4IT, you can rest assured of round-the-clock security for your account. We check all the loggings that may have been turned off due to default configuration and take care of it – the average IT company doesn’t care to set this stuff up. We can also help you set up a reporting system that sends you instant notifications if an account is added without multifactor authentication. That way, you can stay alert on suspicious activities and block their access.

4IT Can Help You Avoid Common Mistakes with Microsoft 365 Security

Microsoft 365 came into being to enhance your business experiences by providing awe-inspiring tools for streamlining operations and processes. As such, nothing should restrain this platform from delivering on its role optimally. But then again, security concerns like conditional access policies, logging configuration, and enterprise access leave users at risk of exposing their critical data either by default or design.

Thankfully, 4IT can help! We conduct an independent third-party assessment of Office 365 security at an affordable rate, assisting companies to avoid common mistakes that can be crippling in the long run. Get in touch with one of our experts today for more details!

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