Top 6 Law Firm Accounting Software For 2022

With a variety of software in the market, selecting one for your 2022 accounting can be tricky. Here’s an in-depth insight into the ideal law accounting software for 2022. 

Top 6 Law Firm Accounting Software For 2022

Every business needs accounting software to organize financial processes and keep its operations running smoothly. Managing the accounts of a legal firm can be a challenging task. These firms require trusted, accurate, easy-to-use accounting software to streamline and manage their daily functions. With a variety of software in the market, selecting one for your 2022 accounting can be tricky. Here’s an in-depth insight into the ideal law accounting software for 2022.

What Law Accounting Software Is

Accounting software is an online or offline program that helps to store, manage and process financial data. Legal establishments use these programs as their virtual financial managers to store, retrieve, and display data easily. This allows firms to track and monitor all financial activities from a centralized location.

The Benefits of Law Accounting Software

Billing & Invoicing 

Legal accounting software has quick and easy billing features to track their billing status. This ensures a faster termination process.

Data Security

Law firm accounting software includes high data encryption techniques. They protect all recorded information from hacking or misuse by unauthorized personnel.

Centralized Database

Accounting software comes in centralized formats, storing all financial records centrally. This makes it easy for authorized personnel to access data regardless of the location or time.

Cost Savings

Accounting software helps cut down on expenditure and costs. This saves legal establishment the cost of hiring several employees to perform accounting roles such as accounts payable, receivable, and reconciliation.

Processing & Tracking

Legal accounting software facilitates easy billing monitoring, payment, budgeting, and reporting. This ensures all accounting processes are streamlined while detecting and correcting errors early.

What to Look for in 2022  Law Accounting Software

Data & Information Security

Information security plays a vital role in law practice. Law firms need to invest in legal accounting software with zero leaks to overcome cybersecurity threats.

Online Backups

Law firms require accounting software with automatic online backups. This ensures durability and protection of financial data should the system crash or get compromised.


Accounting software should be flexible while providing customized options and upgrades. This also gives firms the freedom to experiment and modify based on preferences.

Compatibility With Mobile Devices

Compatibility is crucial to allow access to data while on the move or from the comfort of your house.

Additional Features

Go for a system that offers additional features in collaboration with third-party vendors. This includes banking, payroll integration, document management, and online storage.


Choose software with low repair and maintenance costs. This means looking for easy to maintain, troubleshooting, and upgradable programs.

Best 6 Law Firm Accounting Software For 2022

1). Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP offers efficient, scalable, and highly flexible software best suited for small to large law firms. It provides an all-rounded solution with core accounting modules, an extensible workflow engine, vertical industry templates, and custom user interfaces. This is supplemented by additional capabilities, including web services, security management, and mobile access.

The system is compatible with multiple languages and centralized workflow systems. This allows law firms and their clients to stay connected and share information on a single platform regardless of geographical locations. Oracle also offers unmatched security and data encryption capabilities, minimizing the risk of third parties’ hacks.

2). Curious Case Suite

It’s an ERP system suited for legal entities requiring a combination of budgeting, billing, and time tracking functionality with financial management.
The system enables forecasting using financial history based on real-time analysis of your company’s current financial position. This reduces accounting errors, enhances workflow management and business streamlining processes.

Curious case suites come with an easy-to-use interface designed to suit various legal firm needs. The software also provides enhanced data security measures with seamless cloud integration and onsite servers to safeguard your sensitive accounting information.

3). FRD’s Legal Accounting Solution

This software is designed to deliver faster, streamlined, and more efficient accounting services while abiding by the International Accounting Standards. It contains a secured cloud-based platform allowing you to access your data remotely. The application also comes with an independent third-party certification for high-quality encryption algorithms.

The application is cross-compatible with operating systems and languages, including Mac, Linux, and Microsoft web browsers. FRD’s legal accounting solution offers customizable and reliable programming simplifying the handling of volumes of data.

It also comes with an automatic backup system, allowing users to keep a copy of accounting information should the system crash.


Axiom is an integrated module combining law firm accounting, contact management, and project management functionalities. This allows you to track and monitor cases in real-time while organizing and managing your finances.

The program provides online and offline access, giving you data convenience regardless of your connectivity. It also allows you to sync your information directly to the cloud without third-party software or hardware purchases.

The application’s subscription plan can be easily customized to suit the budgetary needs of your firm. The system also functions with multiple languages. This gives you the flexibility to work with staff and clients from diverse language backgrounds.

Axiom comes with a user-friendly interface giving access to all members of your law firm via a single login ID.

5). Expensify

This application offers a comprehensive handling and organizing solution for all your official and personalized expenses. It comes with an intuitive user interface feature to simplify the financial data entry process, regardless of your experience level.

The software also has a workflow management feature that assigns expense data such as receipts for reimbursement to case handlers based on priority level and department of origin.

Expensify also offers automatic bank data synchronization, omitting the need to manually capture financial transactions.

6). CloudLawyer

CloudLawyer offers a secure cloud platform that allows you to access your documents wherever you are. It also enables two-way financial integration with accounting software, Zoho invoice.

The application comes with a multi-tiered security system that protects all your data from abuse and unauthorized access. This also includes the ability to monitor and control every user’s session.

The software is compatible with most operating systems, including Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. It also comes with a fully responsive design that allows users to access data on desktop or mobile devices without compromising quality and security.

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