What Does It Mean to be Compliant?

Cybersecurity must go beyond the normal call of duty. Data breaches are fast and efficient without much advance notice. Often, the lost information will put the business at financial risk.

What Does It Mean to be Compliant?

The digital age is evolving right before our eyes. Unfortunately, so is cyber crimes. The biggest victim of this new-age criminal activity is small businesses. Cybersecurity has become a top priority for business owners who want to remain compliant by defending against the threat of their intellectual property being stolen.

The business definition of compliance is meeting all legal obligations that protect others’ health, safety, and welfare. In plain English, protect yourself from outside threats.

The Complexity of Cyber Security

For small businesses, being compliant means putting security protocols in place to protect against cyberattacks, data breaches, and online bank frauds. But, this definition changes as your business grows. Protecting a larger, more sophisticated online network from cyber attackers becomes an impossible task. Suddenly, installing a firewall or antivirus software program isn’t enough protection against having your most sensitive (clients, business-to-business partnerships, and customer) business data falling into the wrong hands. Small business owners are resigned because it is when and not if they will become a cyberattack victim.

Cybersecurity must go beyond the normal call of duty. Data breaches are fast and efficient without much advance notice. Often, the lost information will put the business at financial risk.

Core Cyber Security Systems

Too often, small business owners leave the implementation of a cybersecurity system to their legal advisors. Usually, this decision becomes a financial nightmare, as many are unfamiliar with the rules, regulations, and laws of being compliant in cyber business applications.

Instead, hire a company like 4it, who will research and create a cybersecurity system that fulfills all expectations. You want the thought of being compliant to become part of your everyday business practice. It will decrease the risk of having your business being temporarily shutdown because no preventative measures were in place to protect your network from an unexpected cyber attack.

At first, a cybersecurity expert from 4it will install encrypted tools that scan for harmful viruses trying to steal sensitive business information if left undetected. The program will back up and duplicate all data created daily, easily retrieved if outside sources have comprised the network. Plus, the cybersecurity system will monitor the activity of off-site work devices that are connected to the business’s network. Some of the common examples include all employee-issued mobile phones, laptops, or the storing of highly-classified data on a cloud application. Each is vulnerable to being hacked, which jeopardizes the business itself.

Educating Staff on Cyber Security

Next is implementing a comprehensive employee training program that is a viable part of the newly-installed cybersecurity system. If not, your business could easily be jeopardized by employee error. A careless mistake could open the door for a major data breach.

Therefore, no business should oversee training their staff on what actions need to be taken during a potential cyber attack. A lack of communication with your employees will increase your data’s likelihood, or other pertinent business-related information will be stolen.

You want to educate your staff on the new working procedures that help recognize questionable activity on the network. This will guarantee that each department is on the same page moving forward. It will empower your employees to protect the business from all potential cyber threats.

Testing Cyber Security Systems

Finally, testing your new cybersecurity system will need to take place. Every scope of the network must pass approval before a sense of security is felt in the workplace.

Do not be caught unprepared in the battle against cybercrimes. Great business leaders have the insight to see what troubles lie ahead and take immediate action to thwart those threats. Hiring 4it is the right choice.

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